Learn How To Increase Your Earnings with Medicare Advantage Sales

Fact: 10,000 Americans turn 65 everyday! When a person turns 65 they are automatically qualified to receive Medicare, and this makes them a hot medicare lead when it comes to selling Medicare Advantage. This huge increase in people aged 65 is due to the baby boomers finally hitting retirement. Medicare advantage plans can be confusing to people just retiring and they may need your help when it comes to choosing the right medicare advantage plan for them. Medicare Advantage is an optional plan that replaces original medicare and covers most of the same services. The best time to offer these plans is immediately when the client turns 65. This is for two main reasons: first - many agents are working 'turning 65 lists' and if you can get to them first, then you can earn their business; second - they are eligible to enroll immediately no matter their health condition. The baby boomers only began turning 65 in January of 2011, which means now is the best time to get started and contracted to sell Medicare Advantage.
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Best Ways to Market Your Medigap Agency:

Sell Medicare Advantage The Traditional Way:

Direct mail pieces and turning 65 lists are the two best ways to market Medicare Advantage plans and guarantee that you get a paycheck. Referrals are also important as the agent that asks for referrals usually earns 6 figures, opposed to the agent that can't seem to get referrals. You can also purchase medicare advantage leads from lead brokers, just beware of pre set appointment medicare advantage leads as these are usually crap leads and ran by scammers. They know that everyone hates cold-calling and they do not qualify the leads at all.

Sell Medicare Advantage Via Internet Marketing and Website:

Owning your own website is also a great method for getting medicare advantage leads, but it can be expensive too. You will need to hire someone to design the site, you will also need to hire someone to make sure that it gets good search engine rankings. You can also install a medicare advantage online quoting tool or medicare advantage online quote engine which will definitely increase the number of leads that you gain by providing price ranges for potential clients. While it's one of the most time and money consuming options, building a website can be an extreme profit-boosting strategy for any medicare advantage insurance agency.

Sell Medicare Advantage by Phone

Selling Medicare Advantage by phone speeds up the enrollment process for medicare advantage, it expands your ability to reach more clients without wasting the time and money of travelling to appointments. Selling medicare via phone also eliminates unnecessary paperwork and mailing costs. Selling medicare advantage by phone will certainly boost your income and help you reach a 6 figure income. Some tips for selling medicare advantage via phone: Don't ask if "now is a good time to talk", instead explain that you need x minutes to talk and that you promise not to take any more time than that - then stick to that. Always address your prospect by their first name, and be sure they know your name as well, avoid giving your company name unless it is noteworthy or asked for. Once you've reached the end of the time-frame you gave them earlier ask if they would like you to continue to talk about their specific Medicare Advantage needs or if they would like to reschedule for a better time. Once the client asks you to continue, make sure to ask open-ended probing questions, and use stories and descriptive words to explain why they should purchase medicare advantage coverage by phone from you. Also be sure to smile, and be happy as your mood can translate to your voice over the phone, and never address the customer by their last name as this is more formal and you want to build up a rapport with the customer. At the end of the call be sure to summarize the benefits that you made in order to make sure there is no confusion. Then make sure the client has no further questions or comments.

Medicare Advantage Cross Marketing

Cross marketing medicare advantage is a great way to boost revenue. Cross marketing is where you combine a medicare plan with Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Annuities, or Final Expense (Burial Insurance) from companies like Forethought, Sentinel Life, or Pioneer American. Cross marketing not only benefits the agent but also the client - they get more of the products they want, and they can consolidate them all under one agent, and you receive greater profit from a single client or couple.

Types of Medicare Advantage Enrollments

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period

The general time that most people purchase a Medicare Advantage insurance policy is during the Medicare open enrollment period. This 7 week period begins on October 15th and ends on December 7th. All seniors age 65 or older are eligible to start a medicare advantage plan during this open enrollment period. This is a huge money making time for medicare advantage agents.
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